Traces & Manes

Traces & Manes

CHáA Silky Hair Serum.

This silky hair serum forms a thin non-oily micro film on the hair,that protects from heat (Hair Dryer) and prevents moisture loss,reduces fly away,repairs damaged hair and split ends.Hair becomes shiny,strong,soft,beautiful and manageable.

Packing : 50 ml, 100ml.



CHáA Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Treatment.

This tonic is specially blended to thoroughly clean and help maintain healthy hair and scalp.It contains essential oil of  tea tree and bergamot and is wonderfully anti septic and anti bacterial. It frees the scalp of scales and scruff from the scalp which in turn prevents hair fall and encourages growth of  new hair.

Packing : 100 ml , 500 ml , Economy 1 ltr.


CHáA Avocado Hair Treatment.

The Avocado and Calendula rehydrating contains cold pressed Australian avocado oil , which is rich in complex nutrients. It is combined with extracts of calendula and rosemary along with olive oil and jojoba oil to create a deeply nourishing  creamy which seals in the moisture,while boosting high shine to the hair. Avocado oil penetrates hair follicles with emollients and nourishing vitamins , protein and amino acid to promote healthy sheen , fuller and strong hair.

Packing : 100 Gms, 250 Gms, 500 Gms, Economy 1 Kg.

CHáA Hair Spa Treatments ( Green Apple / Seaweed )

A unique and intensive restructuring treatments for normal to oily hair.It restores strength and elasticity leaving hair soft and shinning .It also protects strands against damages from the sun and heat styling irons.It leaves hair Soft and silky.

Packing :250 Gms , 500 Gms , Economy 1 Kg.


CHáA Tangle Free Collagen Conditioner (Citrus/Mint)

This conditioner adds lustrous shine to your hair as well as smoothens it for easy styling . Active ingredients like Citrus , collagen,vitamin B5 , vitamin E  detangles, smoothens and vitalizes the hair while adding shine and bounce to oily hair.

Packing : 100 gms, 500 Gms, Economy 1 Kg.


CHáA Collagen Creamy Shampoo (Citrus/Mint)

This shampoo contains gentle substance together with collagen, and other vitamins in order to either maintain and restore flexibility, smoothness and elasticity.


Packing : 100 Gms, 400 Gms, Economy 1 Kg.

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