CHáA Argan Oil Hair Serum

CHáA Argan Oil Hair Serum with super concentrated amounts of finest Moroccan Argan Oil ,Jojoba Oil , Moringa oil and Vitamin E delivers instant shine and long-lasting rejuvenation without leaving any residue or build up on the hair .

Subtly scented with Vertiver oils, this ultra light, non greasy, alcohol-free formula helps to seal split ends and makes hair silky smooth with a brilliant shine . Can be used daily, for all hair types.

Size – 80 ml

MRP  ( Including GST ) –  ₹ 515.00



CHáA Cellular Repair Night Essence

CHáA Cellular Repair Night Essence  is a‎ refreshing essence that promotes a healthy skin cell renewal cycle and supports skin cell renewal. With daily application, this essence moisturizes, improves texture and clarity, and contributes to a more beautiful, balanced, and glowing complexion.

Size – 20 ml
MRP – ₹705.00



CHáA Hair Regrowth Moderator

CHáA Hair Regrowth Moderator , moderates regrowth of unwanted body hair, slows down cell growth rate and has an anti-inflammatory effect , which help soothe and calm the skin after shaving or depilatory treatment.
Visible benefits after 28 days of application.

Size – 50 ml

MRP – ₹ 960.00




CHáA Essence of Skin Botonic Eye Complex

CHáA Essence of Skin Botonic Eye Complex is a lightweight rapidly penetrating serum which helps banish dark circles , under eye puffiness and fine lines . It also helps to hydrate and brighten the under eye area to lessen signs of stress and fatigue .

Size – 20 ml
MRP – ₹ 450.00





CHáA Age Defying Collagen & Elastin cream

CHáA Age Defying Collagen & Elastin cream is a light ,silky cream, which can be used as a day ( under make up) as well as night cream. It soothes, softens, helps to improve firmness, elasticity and increases hydration to achieve a younger looking skin. It’s high performance anti aging formula contains soluble collagen, hydrolyzed elastin , natural Vitamin -E and a fine blend of oils like jojoba to reduce bagging under the eyes, lines around the mouth and other noticeable wrinkles.

Size – 60 gms

MRP – ₹ 930.00

CHáA Collagen Cleansing tissue

CHáA Collagen Cleansing tissue, also enriched with ultra moisturizing hyalouronic acid, which not only delivers water to the skin, but it holds it there and stays near the surface where it moisturizes the surface layer. Result? Supple, smooth glowing skin .

Size – 80 PCS

Price – ₹ 300.00




CHáA Reviving & lifting serum

Key Benefits:
Visibly firms and lifts to reflect a firmer, lifted look .
Minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Improves skin texture, smoothness and softness.
Tightens and tones skin for restored radiance .
Size – 50 gm

Price – ₹ 1300.00






CHáA Lemongrass & Vitamin E Body Scrub

Pamper your skin with a new found brilliance with CHáA Skin smoothing Lemongrass & Vitamin E Body Scrub , which has been formulated using all Natural ingredients and is wonderfully enriched with Lemongrass essential oil – a general skin smoothing tonic for the skin . The skin is gently exfoliated of dead cells and debris and totally refreshed with the Earthy fragrance of the Lemongrass oil..

Size – 250 gms

MRP ( Including GST ) – ₹ 735.00



CHáA  Argan & Keratin Hair Mask

CHáA  Argan & Keratin Hair Mask is a professional grade hair treatment , enriched with Keratin , which puts back the protein in the hair that is lost due to chemical treatments , as well as Argan Oil to give it soft luxurious texture and manageability .

Size – 250 gm

MRP – 1115.00



CHáA VITAMIN Cleansing Wipes

Give your Skin a daily dose of Vitamin C enriched Skin Food .
CHáA VITAMIN Cleansing Wipies , enriched with Vitamin C , brightens and helps to support skin’s natural collagen synthesis for firmer, smoother skin
Daily Use , boosts skin hydration and improves its moisture balance prepping the skin for nutrients of other skin care steps to work more effectively

Size – 80 PCS

MRP – ₹ 300.00

Spalogy Congestion Relief Natural Breathe Easy Balm 30 GM

Size:Weight :- 30gm
Spalogy Breathe Easy Rub facilitates easy breathing, enhances feelings of relaxation, and soothes nervous tension
It also helps to inhibits bacteria and fights infections.
It also helps you to get relief of congestion so that yoyu can breathe.
This Therapeutic Rub is formulated to relieve chest and nasal congestion, and also helps to clear the nasal passages.

Size – 30 GM / 60 GM

MRP – ₹ 265.00 / ₹ 490.00


Spalogy Natural Hydrating & Healing Balm

Size:Weight :- 30gm
Spalogy Hydrating & Healing rub is amazing for dry and parched skin.
It has the ability to hydrate, heal, and keep skin in a healthy and balanced state.
It is great for soothing and healing skin that’s irritated or reddened by sun exposure or excessive dryness.
Scoop out and apply on required area and pressure points for best effects.

Size – 30 GM / 60 GM

MRP – ₹ 265.00 / ₹ 490.00


Spalogy Natural Peace & Inner Joy Balm

Spalogy Peace & Inner Joy Rub’s calming blend of natural essential oils brings about a sense of joyful state and peaceful awareness. It relaxes the mind, drives away anxiety, sadness, and chronic stress.
It also has an uplifting effect on the mood and induces feelings of joy and hope .
This wonderful calming rub contains a beautiful blend of essential relaxing oil.
Apply as needed to temples forehead and pulse points.

Size – 30 GM / 60 GM

MRP – ₹ 265.00 / ₹ 490.00

Spalogy Pain Relief Natural Sore Muscle Balm

Spalogy Sore Muscle provides you with just that little TLC you need  especially , after you have pushed yourself in the gym or just to release built-up tightness in your muscles after a long hard day.

It Helps in to get relief in muscle spasms.

It also helps in post workout muscle soreness.

Size – 30 GM / 60 GM

MRP – ₹ 265.00 / ₹ 490.00

Spalogy Sleep Natural Calming Slumber Balm

Enhance relaxation and promote restful, restorative sleep.
It also helps reduce negative feelings.
A sense of calm so that sleep comes naturally.
Just little rub on forehead.

Size – 30 GM / 60 GM

MRP – ₹ 265.00 / ₹ 490.00

Spalogy Smoothing Natural Foot Rub Balm

Spalogy Foot Rub eases aches and pains and treats extremely dry feet , making them look younger and feel softer.
It also helps stimulate and rejuvenate tired aching feet and removes unpleasant smells keeping the feet smelling fresh and lovely.
It also softens the tough heel and feet.

Size – 30 GM / 60 GM

MRP – ₹ 265.00 / ₹ 490.00


This super-rich and creamy Choco Body Butter is a feast for the skin. It melts straight into the skin making it feel soft and smooth. Yes, It smells great too!!

* 24-hour hydration
* Great for very dry skin
* Sweet cocoa scent
Size – 100 GM
MRP – ₹ 475.00




This rich, thick body emollient smells just like sweet juicy strawberries! Super creamy & Natural, this moisturizing body butter melts into your skin softening, hydrating and protecting it all day long.

*  Helps skin to retain moisture
* Promotes the regeneration of skin cells
* Improves skin flexibility
Size – 100 GM
MRP – ₹ 475.00



Enjoy the scent of fresh apples with just a hint of Sage, this Body Butter literally melts onto your skin.. This non-greasy formula is perfect for dry spots and keeps your skin glowing.
* Helps your skin to remain radiant
* Tackles blemishes
*  Improves collagen activation
Size – 100 GM
MRP – ₹ 475.00


CHáA Energizing Strawberry Salt Scrub

CHáA Energizing Strawberry Salt Scrub, envelops your senses with it sweet strawberry fragrance, while gently buffing and washing away all the impurities and dead cells .
A sumptuous Strawberry Scent enhances your Bath & Shower experience and leaves your skin fragrant & clean.

Size – 300 gms
MRP – ₹ 515.00

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CHáA Energizing Orange Salt Scrub

Polish and detoxify your skin with uplifting CHáA Energizing Orange Salt Scrub. This fresh and citrus scrub has a calming effect on the body making it excellent in relieving tired muscles and stress.
A perfect addition to your bath & Shower Regime .

Size – 300 gms
MRP – ₹ 515.00

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CHáA Energizing Lemon Salt Scrub

CHáA Energizing Lemon Salt Scrub is an invigorating body scrub to brush away dead skin from all over your body.This Lemon Salt Scrub is the perfect addition to your bath & shower regime to help brighten your day and your skin.

Size – 300 gms

Price – ₹ 515.00

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CHáA Energizing Green Tea Salt Scrub

CHáA Energizing Green Tea Salt Scrub infused with replenishing Green Tea Extract is perfect for cleansing and exfoliating . It helps lift away dead skin and prepares the skin for misture infusion .
Its crisp refreshing fragrance, enhances your bath & shower experience

 Size – 300 gms
Price – ₹ 515.00

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CHáA  Gold Cream Magic Modeling Mask

CHáA  Gold Cream Magic Modeling Mask, a unique cream + powder transformative mask delivers intense hydration to your skin. This professional mask is cooling and gives immediate radiance along with strong lifting effect ( V line formation ) , after just one use.

Size – 50 gms
MRP – ₹ 350.00

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CHáA Black Pearl Hydrating & Brightening Mask

CHáA Black Pearl Hydrating & Brightening Mask enriched with Black Pearl Protein (Hydrolyzed Conchyolin Protein) increases skin absorptivity and boosts functioning of NMF(Natural Moisturizing Factor) which hydrates skin instantly.
It also helps the skin to recover its elasticity and plumped-up appearance by optimizing the production of hyaluronic acid .
Size – 50 gms
MRP – ₹ 350.00

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CHáA Argan Wet Wipes

CHáA Argan Wet Wipes are specially created for you when you’re short of time, these gentle fragrance free wipes sweep away impurities and remove all traces of make-up, even waterproof mascara.

Size – 80 PCS

MRP – ₹ 300.00

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CHáA Titanium Gel Applicator

If you wake up in the morning,  with puffy eyes ,  Place a CHáA Titanium Gel Applicator in the refrigerator for 10 minutes and then gently slide it over eye lids from inside to out and then around the eye contour . This would reduce puffiness and keep your eyes looking bright and sparkling the entire day !
MRP – ₹ 575.00

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CHáA Hair Spa Seaweed Extract Treatment

CHáA Hair Spa Seaweed Extract Treatment, enriched with a high concentration of lipid compounds, essential oils and Keratin , is ideal for all hair types.
A unique and and intensive restructuring treatment –
-Restores strength and elasticity to uncared ,neglected Tresses, leaving it shiny ,bouncy and full bodied .
-Protects strands against damage from the sun , heat styling and chemical treatment .
-Leaves hair soft , silky and tangle free.

MRP –  ₹ 1115.00

Size – 250 gm

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CHáA Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation Treatment

CHáA Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation Treatment evens out the skin tone and gradually fade away the dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The result is lightened dark spots and nourished and radiant evenly toned skin.

Size – 20 ml

MRP – ₹515.00

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