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CHáA Wellness & Spa Concepts has developed a complete line of Thai Spa treatments as a part of their distinctive Signature Spa Series. We asked Harsh Dawer, of CHáA Wellness to narrate some of these concepts of Thai Spa for the benefit of our readers.


Foot Reflexology & Foot Spa Centers are mushrooming all over the country. Can you shed some light on this business and the prospects and future of the same?

Foot refl exology is not some new therapy. It is generally believed that the Chinese treated various ailments by giving pressure to various points in the body and as well as applying deep pressure therapy to the soles of the feet, before concentrati ng pressure on the big toe Foot refl exology is increasingly becoming popular as more and more people are taking responsibility for their well being, and relaxati on. So, natural form of therapies like refl exology have a growing demand and is gaining popularity among the busy businessmen, housewives , overworked and stressed blue collared workers .Thailand, the spa capital of the world, has taken Refl exology to a diff erent level and has combined this therapy, with pampering and relaxati on, in a unique way to make this therapy one of the most popular rituals in the Spa & Wellness industry. This ritual is now popularly known as the Thai Foot spa.


What is THAI Foot Spa and why is it so popular?

Thai Foot Spa can be described as modified form of Reflexology, where therapy is combined with various rituals to make it a more relaxing experience, rather than just a holistic healing therapy. For example, Reflexology is normally conducted by applying a bit of talcum powder on the feet, and pressure is applied on the specific problem areas of the feet which are related to the corresponding part of the body.

Thai Foot Spa therapy, on the other hand, has become ritual where reflexology, is enhanced to a relaxing Spa experience. The client’s feet is first soaked in a warm Aromatic Milk Soak, in which cleansing products like soap flowers are added to clean and loosen the dead cells. The feet are then scrubbed clean with energizing Marine Salt Scrub in various fruity flavors.


This is followed by a massage with a good creamy Collagenlotion, as well as a pain relieving foot balm. Post this reflexology is carried out, where pressure is given to all the reflexes of the feet with a special wooden reflexology stick. Finally the feet are pampered with a Foot Wrap or a Mask to end the pampering of the feet combined with a holistic therapy which not only treats you on the physical level, but also on an emotional and spiritual level.

Where can one experience an authentic Thai Foot Massage in India ?

Many Thai Foot Spas are opening up all over the country, and many of them have trained therapists, use original Thai products, and have a wonderful ambience to give the client a relaxing experience, like never before. Some of the best Thai Foot Spa, which I have experienced are Tress Talk in Khar, Mumbai, where they have taken this therapy further by designing foot spa therapies like Strawberry Delight, Red Wine, Coffee Chocolate Binge and other exoticoncoctions using authentic Thai products. Bamboo Tree Day Spa in Bandra, Mumbai, has enhanced this therapy by adding on Dr. Fish spa therapy to this ritual, along with some Citrus Foot Soak, and Lemon Salt Scrub. Yvolanda’s in Jal Vayu Vihar in Bangalore, has a therapist which has the best hands in the business and uses the Thai products skillfully to making the clients asking for more.

Mokham in Bandra, Mumbai gets full marks for ambience and proper usage of Thai products. Feet are pampered in Headturners Day Spa in Chandigarh, while Style Mantra in Chennai is not far behind in pampering their clients feet, Thai Style.

What should one expect in a typical good Thai Foot Spa service?

While planning to go for a Thai Foot Spa therapy, the following things should be kept in mind – Ambience, usage of authentic quality Thai products, and most important trained therapists. When these three aspects are covered, then a Thai Foot Spa would become such a wonderful experience which the client would want to come back for again and again.

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