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Herbal & Natural

CHáA Royal Javanese Tropical Lulur  scrub

CHáA Royal Javanese Tropical Lulur  scrub treatment have always been associated with Asian spas as an exotic and purifying  treatment. CHáA Royal Javanese Tropical Lulur  scrub is  formulated using only the best blend of tropical herbs that are anti inflammatory, anti septic and anti fungal in combination without adding fillers such as rice flour or fragrance. It has a Natural herbal fragrance that is extremely calming  and soothing. This traditional javanese beauty treatment helps refine and soften the skin while gently exfoliating the debris and dead cells. It smoothens the skin and helps by lightening the dark patches on the skin.

Packing : 100 Gms, 500 Gms, Economy 1 Kg



CHáA Boreh Bali Scrub

CHáA Boreh Bali Scrub is an ancient balinese treatment is made of what we would consider as ” warming herbs “,where by the main propensity is in providing a warm effect on the skin and muscles upon application. Traditionally used by people who experience tired, sore muscles and arthritis sufferers. Boreh has now been adapted and evolved into a favorite  spa treatment in the form of a scrub evoking a wonderful warm soothing sensation.

Packing : 100 Gms, 500 Gms, Economy 1 Kg




Oriental Royal Herbal Wrap

This therapeutic wrap is a cooling blend of fresh tanaka,sandalwood and palmorosa and curcuma, which effectively lightens pigmentations and relieves  UV damage caused by excessive exposure to the  sun.
A soothing herbal compress massage combined with it, simulates cell generation and provides for intense hydration and relaxation.

Packing : 100 Gms, 500 Gms,Economy 1 Kg




Oriental Royal Herbal Scrub

This scrub created originally to pamper the princesses of ancient Thailand. A selection of secret herbs and botanicals are blended into the scrub which is known for their ability to nuture your body and clarify your mind.
Begin with a detoxifying steam ritual that prepares for the ultimate Exfoliation treatment using the golden powder made from the tanaka tree bark to slough off dead skin cells, remove deeper impurities and boost metabolism, while the kneading massage of the Scrub application has an effective whitening ability.

Packing : 100 Gms, 500 Gms,Economy 1 Kg

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