Face & Body Signature Lines

Face & Body Signature Lines

CHáA French Champagne

This mask improves the resilience and elasticity of the skin and forms the contours of the face and body as if  it draws the toxins and impurities from the skin. A divine treat that soothes and relaxes, while leaving the skin feeling radiant and glowing.

Packing : 200 Gms , 500 Gms , Economy 1 Kg.






CHáA Champagne Face & Body Scrub.

Immerse your self in the bouquet of your favorite champagne scrub, rich with anti-oxidants and infused with healing oils makes your skin sparkle with a youth full glow as it gently stimulates blood circulation and exfoliates the skin. Champagne infused looffah scrub gently removes dead cells,as well as stimulates the lymph to leave a fresh renewed feeling.

Packing : 200 Gms , 500 Gms, Economy 1 Kg.






CHáA Pink Champagne Massage Cream.

Stress and Anxiety disappears,when your skin is hydrated with this stimulating massage champagne cream , which contains additional shea butter, grape seed oil, along wiith a synergetic blend of vitamins, to leave the skin smooth , silky and radiant.

Packing : 200 Gms, 500 Gms, Economy 1 Kg.






CHáA Instalift Red Wine Therapy Mask.

This mask contains an arsenal of  potent age – fighters, including polyphenols and natural vitamins. It fortify s  your skin’s natural defenses as gentle  clays draw toxins from deep within your tissue and grape seed oil locks in moisture.

Packing :400 Gms, 500 Gms, Economy 1 Kg.







CHáA Red Wine Therapy Scrub.

This Scrub is designed to gently polish your skin to a rosy glow. It contains powerful anti-oxidants, from red wine , grape seed oil and vitamin E and other therapeutic ingredients making this an incredibly healing, anti-ageing body scrub.

Packing : 400 Gms, 500 Gms,Economy 1Kg.







CHáA Red Wine Extract Massage Cream.

This Red Wine extract enriched cream provides powerful anti-oxidant protection for the entire surface of the body and at the same time it penetrates to strengthen and repair connective tissue.

Packing :400 Gms, 500 gms, Economy 1 Kg.

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