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About Us

 About Us !

Thanks for visiting our website and interest in out products.

First Let me tell you something about my company. Our company is Mumbai based and we have our manufacturing facilities in Thailand .We make a complete range of skin & hair care treatment as well as home care products and we supply only to Spa,Salons & Clinics .Our products are not available off the shelf and we deal only through our distributor network or directly with the client if we are not represented in your area.

Please browse through our website, from which you will get some idea of the product range we have . We want to bring to you all the exotic and wondrous secrets of Thai & other Eastern rituals , so that you can create an exceptional experience in your Spa / Salon .

It is our endeavour to bring to you the mystical and healing powers of nature , with its vast bounty of Botanical & Natural treasures.

So , we have developed a complete line of Thai Spa treatments as a part of our distinctive Signature Spa Series. The Thai Spa treatments which are inspired by the ancient Thai rituals of using traditional herbs, aromatic oils, special herbal massage and steam to induce relaxation, rejuvenation and wellbeing on all levels.  Wide varieties of herbal as well as natural preparations and products have been obtained from traditional sources to ensure a true Thai experience.

CHáA Thai Spa treatments are created from both ancient Thai rituals and ‘today’s’ Spa treatments used at some of the top destination Spas in Thailand.

The CHáA Spa Series is the result of numerous trips over the years and many, many months of travel, research and training to bring this authentic Thai Spa Series exclusively to CHáA exclusive Spas and Salons.

Face and Body treatments include natural  wraps and invigorating scrubs, polishes and glows for the entire body .In fact, you name it and we have it , and if by some rare chance we don’t have it , we would be happy to make it , as we are always looking to add new products to our range . Also , we would be happy to give you the products you require in bulk , if you do so require for your private labeling.

I am sure you would find our products interesting and would like to get a piece of Thailand into your Spa.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you need to know more about our product line.

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