Face & Body/Wraps/Packs & Mask

Face & Body/Wraps/Packs & Mask

CHáA African Cocoa Body Wrap

A gentle creamy Face & Body Wrap that refreshs and smoothens .Enriched with Essential Oils extracted from the Cocoa Beans,which is known to have Moisturising powers.

Packing : 250 Gms, 500 gms, Economy 1 kg






CHáA De-Tanning Papaya Mud Pack

This mud mask is the blend of thermal mud as well as natural extracts to promote a smoother, finer, younger looking and more vital skin.The nat

Packing : 250 Gms, 500  Gms, Economy 1 Kg






CHáA Whitening Fairness Aliginate Mask

This treatment mask does what a true fairness mask should do – It allows pure translucence to emanate from within rather than just covering your skin with an artificial white hue . Its unique formulations un-covers the fairness inherent in your skin and makes you feel and look radiant and healthy with refined fairness generated from within.

Packing : 120 Gms,240 Gms, 480 Gms, Economy 1 Kg




CHáA Morrocan Rassoul Mud Wrap

CHáA  RassouL from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains has been used by men and women since centuries . It is known to improve skin texture, softness and elasticity whilst detoxifying and drawing out impurities.
Your therapist will prepare the finest Rhassoul mud for you by mixing CHáA  Rassoul And CHáA organic Bulgarian rose activator to apply all over your body, face and hair to make you will feel wonderfully relaxed. Ideally follow with a massage.

Packing : 500 Gms, Economy 1Kg



CHáA Oriental Royale Herbal Wrap.

CHáA Oriental Royale Herbal Wrap is a cooling blend of fresh tanaka, sandal wood, palmorosa and curcuma , which effectively lightens pigmentation and relives UV damage caused by excessive exposure to the sun.
A soothing herbal compress  massage combined with it, simulates cell generation and provides for intense hydration and relaxation.

Packing : 100 Gms, 500 Gms, Economy 1 Kg




CHáA Rejuvenating & Cooling Cucumber Mask.

CHáA Rejuvenating & Cooling Cucumber Mask is made of a  blend of thermal muds as well as natural extracts like cucumber along with vitamin E to soothe irritated skin as well as make it brighter,healthier and fresher.

Packing : 250 Gms, 500 Gms, Economy 1 Kg





CHáA Invigorating Tropical Fruit Mask With Pineapple Extracts.

CHáA Invigorating Tropical Fruit Mask with Pineapple Extracts , is an invigorating blend of pineapple extracts, green papaya and hibiscus.
This luxurious mask breaks down and lifts away dull surface cells and delivers healing anti oxidants and potent emollients deep into the skin.

Packing : 250 Gms, 500 Gms, Economy 1 Kg





CHáA Exfoliating Marine Collagen Mask.

CHáA Exfoliating Marine Collagen Mask , a spa quality facial mask which provides professional skin care as well as a relaxing experience. Its highly concentrated natural extracts help by stimulating new growth of skin by decreasing the bond that holds the dead skin cells on the surface. This allows the dead cells to be removed gradually, leaving behind a layer of smooth glowing skin.

Packing : 150 Gms, 500 Gms, Economy 1 Kg





CHáA Rejuvenating Vanilla Rose Hip Oil Mud Face Pack.

CHáA Rejuvenating Vanilla Rose Hip Oil mud face mask is a blend of thermal mud as well as botanical extracts to promote a smoother, finer, younger-looking and more vital skin. The natural and botanical extracts helps the skin to rejuvenate and generate by boosting and supporting the collagen and elastin in the skin,which not only helps to lessen wrinkles and lines, but also pro actively works towards preventing them in the future.

Packing: 400 Gms,500 Gms, Economy 1 Kg




CHáA Guava Extract Underarm Mask.

The benefits of this mask are many,it provides astringency,wound healing,and skin damage repair.It also helps whiten, freshen and hydrate the underarms And making it look firmer,fairer and odoer free.

Packing : 100 Gms






CHáA Anti Acne Alginate Mask








CHáA Eye Contour Alginate Mask








CHáA Black Clay Mud Mask








CHáA Vanilla Rose Ginseng, Vitamin B5 Mud Body Mask

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